We are proud to announce that Owen Security Solutions is now an Authorized Sonos Dealer.

We thrilled to be Northwest Georgia’s first reseller. Come into our showroom in Calhoun for a full demo of our Sonos speakers. You’ll be amazed at how good they sound, and how simple the Sonos system is to use.

To us, the Sonos speakers are the best speakers around. Sonos speakers are HiFi (high -fidelity) wireless speakers that allow you to listen to music without any limits.

With Sonos, you can:

• Enjoy high quality sound

• Browse through a wide range of Speaker audio, from playlists to podcasts

• Effortlessly control streaming from your Desktop or the free Apps available for your iPhone, iPad, or Android

With the Sonos Speaker, you can listen to iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc. or your own Phone Playlists.

Here are the Sonos Speakers that Owen Security is currently selling: